MP3, Feeds and women

So... I am here loading music to my just bought MP3 (it's a crappy one, but oh well, can't afford an iPod yet. And when I can, certainly I'll give it to Ana, to encourage her "The soundtrack of my PhD" project. :)

I have actually a lot of things to do, specially a lot of readings, but go figure, it's difficult to concentrate. There are so many things to read when I sit in front of the computer that it takes sometimes more then an hour and a half until I can finally start *working*.

First, I read news, usually UOL, to know what's happening in Brazil. I dunno why, that's habit. I have feeds from many sources in my Netvibes, but I just can't skip the routine of actually going until UOL.

Then I reply e-mails. I am working at this project to develop a virtual store that is keeping me kind busy. It shouldn't, of course, since I earn by hour, but, gah, programming is definetly an adictive activitie. I should have been a programmer, I though the other day. I have some talent to do it. And if there's something really acomplishing is to watch something you programmed start working.

(I suddenly thought about something: Adolfo wrote a post about where are the female bloggers. And although many of the statistics say that the difference between the amount of men and women in the blogsphere is not so big, the women certainly have less visibility. And now, in the middle of this long post, I just thought that, well, maybe it's because women are less objective when they write? This is not a theory, just an idea).


Adolfo said...

Women are less objective, hmmm, that's a dangerous hypothesis, isn't it?

dani matielo said...

It is, certainly, but sometimes you have to dare make dangerous hypothesis to have interesting feedback, no? Do you hava another one?