Can I import my posts to Wordpress?

From blogger? Is this allowed? Uh.

The network IS the society

It is not as simple as it sounds, and it is not new at all. But sometimes we have insights, and sometimes we write them down in our weblogs, and sometimes they're useful to something. (Hey, Edgar, I am giving a gift to someone, I believe. That's somewhat a presumptuous way of thinking, don't you agree? Jeje...)

Anyways, point is: you don't have to include people "socially" AND "digitally". It's the same thing. You see? So, assuming that it IS the same thing, it's absolutelly essential that people that are working for social inclusion ALSO digital include people. Right? Ok. SO. Question: Are those people supposed to be socially including other people, digitally including them?

... does someone have any suggestion about a better of way of putting this? In the direction of transforming it in a research question? Thanks. :)


I am going to bed. In a minute.

But before that, I wanted to write a couple of things here. This blog is a strange cold space still, and I do not feel home yet. I certainly like personal posts betters, it is like you are listening to someone talking about something. Dunno.

I'm sleepy, and, if I don't write here, it will never be home. (Maybe it won't, anyway). Fact is that, my residency request was denied on Wednesday. Crap. Yeah, it is bad, although you don't know much about the whole story anyway. But to make it short, we married (there's the marriage video on my Multiply), and we were sure Spain would allow me to stay here. But, gah, they did not. They will, of course. I mean, not of course, but I believe they will, eventually. There's too much pro and very little agains. Look:

About the Civil Partnership Act 2004, in the UK:



About free movement, family and the European Union


And... thats about it. I just thought I'd write something. And now bed. Yeah.


More Web 2.0 thoughts

I saw the video:

in digeracy and passed it on to some friends. Adolfo and hdhd blogged about it. I did not. I am still not used to blog communition patterns. Oh well.

Anyways, then Adolfo wrote another post today, mentioning Web 2.0 and I left him a comment, that I thought it was worth to post here:

Pues yo, lo que pienso sobre Web 2.0 es exactamente tu última pregunta: "¿Hacia donde nos lleva esta web dos punto cero?" Creo que si no nos lleva a nada, pues entonces no es diferente do que había antes. Al final, antes de lo que se llama Web2.0, todos también podían poner sus vídeos online (pero nadie los encontraba), ponian sus fotos online (pero nadie las mirava), leían noticias y escribían blogs (aunque hoy hay personas escribiendo blogs que seguramente no lo podrían hacer antes que se utilizasen tecnologías 2.0).

Lo qué pienso es que las personas tienen una cierta resistencia a nuevos términos, porque algunos expertos los utilizan para ganar dinero. Pero, mira: si utilizar el término es útil para cambiar la actitud de la mayoría en la web, por que no? Lo mejor es que mas personas utilicen la Internet, las herramientas y todo eso. Y quizá si se dice "Ahora, con el surgimiento de la Web 2.0, tu ya puede tener tu blog, organizar las noticias que quieres, participar en comunidades...." las personas van a quedarse más motivadas, pues alguna cosa está, de hecho, diferente. (No estoy aquí diciendo que hay o no, eh? Solo pensando en como aprovechar el término, una vez que él fue creado... ;)


Five reasons for exile

1) To get unconfortable about the place you are. (Seriously. I'm the kind of person who does that)

2) To realize you only know very little about life, the universe and everything.

3) To experience better and worse things.

4) To learn that things you thought absolute, are absolutely not. And values and ways of dealing with them are different. (And it's different to feel it and to know it).

5) To be away from your parents.

(They are not GOOD reasons in the sense that they'll make you feel good. But I believe they are THE reasons).

Blogosphere as a community

Well, Adolfo passed me a "meme" (go and check, I didn't really know exactly what it was either. ;) and I will answer it. In a second. But, before that, I was thinking about the so called "blogosphere", which is, according to the Wikipedia,

"the collective term encompassing all blogs as a community or social network. Many weblogs are densely interconnected; bloggers read others' blogs, link to them, reference them in their own writing, and post comments on each others' blogs. Because of this, the interconnected blogs have grown their own culture."

I thought about this because of Adolfo's comment on the fact that Meritxell is considering stop blogging. And, as if they are really part of a community, it seems he is traying to keep her around, and thus give some stimulation for doing it. Anyways. Point is: I have heard several times that the blogosphere was a community, but I had never felt it. Hernani, obviously, was the first one to defend the idea, but I had never understood it. I think I do now.

A question to Adolfo and Edgar: why do people stop blogging? Is there any research about that?