Blogosphere as a community

Well, Adolfo passed me a "meme" (go and check, I didn't really know exactly what it was either. ;) and I will answer it. In a second. But, before that, I was thinking about the so called "blogosphere", which is, according to the Wikipedia,

"the collective term encompassing all blogs as a community or social network. Many weblogs are densely interconnected; bloggers read others' blogs, link to them, reference them in their own writing, and post comments on each others' blogs. Because of this, the interconnected blogs have grown their own culture."

I thought about this because of Adolfo's comment on the fact that Meritxell is considering stop blogging. And, as if they are really part of a community, it seems he is traying to keep her around, and thus give some stimulation for doing it. Anyways. Point is: I have heard several times that the blogosphere was a community, but I had never felt it. Hernani, obviously, was the first one to defend the idea, but I had never understood it. I think I do now.

A question to Adolfo and Edgar: why do people stop blogging? Is there any research about that?


Tesista said...

I actually quit "blogging" twice and I guess I did because at some point stop making sense to me. Then I change the blog and even the plattform, strange beheaviour for a "serious" guy like me...

Adolfo said...

I have quite blogging at least... once... twice... three times.

And I have written in five different blogs.

Why poeple quite. I think the question have to be formulated in the other way: why people keep on blogging?

There are one million reasons to quit blogging: have more free time, do sex, watching tv, eat macarrones, read comics...

so, why people keep om blogging?

it is hard to maintaing the social!!