Sleepy thoughs on blogging, Second Life and networks

I am sleepy. I had a blog once where all my posts started with this sentence. Not because I planned it, but because I was actually sleepy every time I wrote on it. That was a long time ago. I might write more about this experience one day. When I talk about it, people say I could be a case study.

Anyways, today I had an urge to write a long entry that I didn't write about Second Life. I haven't writen more here about it, but I kept thinking about it, and reading and researching. Haven't reached a conclusion yet, but I believe I'm on my way.

hdhd had an interesting post on his blog today. Not something new, it's actually a quote from a book by Yochai Benkler, but it fascinated me by the simplicity and clarity of the way the author managed to express a complex concept. Have a look there.

(Just a though: Hernani uses Drupal on his website. I feel bad. I could install one in my server, but for some reason, I just feel that it's lonelier to be in your own domain and not in a community, like Blogger. Although, Adolfo said WordPress is far better then Blogger. Hn. I don't know. I just feel like having it in my own server. Even if my last experience with that was horrible: I had all my TCC (the end of course monograph) in a wiki, fabulous experience, and it crashed, and it's all lost. Oh well).

Anyways. Today was a day of long talks about Life, the Universe and Everything. I am tired, tomorrow Madrid, for the first time. My hostess said it's 0.5 Celsious there. My mother laugh and said she had never heard that there could be a .5 temperature.


Bee said...

Go for Wordpress, Dani. I switched and do not regret it.
Are you Andre's cousin?

Bee said...

I had a student at the French school where I teach in Sao Paulo, Brazil with the same family name as yours. This is why I asked :-)