Sheeps and sexual choice

Ana sent me this morning an article about a scientist who is researching genetics implications in gay sheeps. Obviously, written this way, it would make any sensible person freak out and say that it is an absurd. But let's look at the facts with a little more care:

So, yes, apperantly, Dr. Roselli is doing research to understand sheep homosexuality. His explanation is that his investigation will help to better know which sheep are better for breeding. Ok, fine, I guess. The rage of course comes from the natural conclusions that the research could lead to a way of avoiding homosexuality - both in sheeps AND human.

I was first repulsed by the idea as well, but then, thinking a bit further, I concluded that I completely agree with Dr. Wolpe, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, when he says that the issue that has to be addressed in this case is not the research itself, but the mentality that makes it a problem. In other words: if homosexuality wasn't a problem at all, nobody would mind if they knew it was genetic. It's like eye color, for a silly example. Nobody forbids scientists to find out how eye color is determined, because, really, it's all normal.

This reminds me of an excelent article that I read sometime ago, by Contardo Calegaris, about the movie C.R.A.Z.Y. I haven't seen the movie yet, (we downloaded it, but it was in Spanish.... blah), but the article is a brilliant reflection about the use of the expressions "sexual option" and "sexual orientation". The last sentence (in Portuguese): "prefiro defender o princípio da liberdade de "escolha" amorosa e sexual, sem justificativa biológica. É muito "crazy"?"

PS: the link to the article is leads to another site, since the Folha de São Paulo, where it was originally published, requires paid login.

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ana guerrini said...

we need to find the genes of prejudice then!