I am going to bed. In a minute.

But before that, I wanted to write a couple of things here. This blog is a strange cold space still, and I do not feel home yet. I certainly like personal posts betters, it is like you are listening to someone talking about something. Dunno.

I'm sleepy, and, if I don't write here, it will never be home. (Maybe it won't, anyway). Fact is that, my residency request was denied on Wednesday. Crap. Yeah, it is bad, although you don't know much about the whole story anyway. But to make it short, we married (there's the marriage video on my Multiply), and we were sure Spain would allow me to stay here. But, gah, they did not. They will, of course. I mean, not of course, but I believe they will, eventually. There's too much pro and very little agains. Look:

About the Civil Partnership Act 2004, in the UK:



About free movement, family and the European Union


And... thats about it. I just thought I'd write something. And now bed. Yeah.

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