The network IS the society

It is not as simple as it sounds, and it is not new at all. But sometimes we have insights, and sometimes we write them down in our weblogs, and sometimes they're useful to something. (Hey, Edgar, I am giving a gift to someone, I believe. That's somewhat a presumptuous way of thinking, don't you agree? Jeje...)

Anyways, point is: you don't have to include people "socially" AND "digitally". It's the same thing. You see? So, assuming that it IS the same thing, it's absolutelly essential that people that are working for social inclusion ALSO digital include people. Right? Ok. SO. Question: Are those people supposed to be socially including other people, digitally including them?

... does someone have any suggestion about a better of way of putting this? In the direction of transforming it in a research question? Thanks. :)

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