Second Life

I am going to write about this in English because it's being primarily an English experience, at least until now: Second Life, as far as I know, has not been translated into any other language, but I might be completely wrong about this. Fact is: everybody I met there until now was speaking English. It means something, doesn't it?

I created an account there because of a comment someone of the Onlife Facilitation discussion list made, about technics on facilitating interactions with avatar use. Naturally, I did not go there only because of the facilitating issue, but also because I am always curious about new ways of interacting on the net (the more you know about it, the more you can explore for important uses, such as learning and creating communities).

Well, until now, all I have done was building up my character and the feeling I got was much more of a visual chat then anything else. AND, also, it scared me a bit the fact that the monetary thing is so important there: there are people making money In-world, as they call it.

But, let's see how it goes. There were other similarly virtual worlds, but Second Life caught my eye, and I will give it a try.

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